Wednesday, 12 September 2012


As stated up there ^ .......Whoa.

Overload today. Busy. Busy. Busy kinders. Our day today ran so smoothly in the morning, and by second recess it seemed to fall apart. We had kids melting down, we had kids laying on the floor during a dance lesson being taught by the Grade 8 kids. Today I must have said "This is not a choice." 30 417 times. We are all about giving choices, but some things, are just not optional. Like walking. to the library.

Phew! I feel better now. Thank you for allowing me to have my own mini meltdown. Tomorrow will be better.

So! I promised I would be here with a super duper addition to our classroom. Please keep in mind that our room is STILL not complete. We are waiting for tables, easles, smart board etc. Lots of things still to come. We are waiting patiently and making do with what we have for now.

Our book nook. Remember the little area we had dreamt would become an inviting little corner for our kids to settle in with a book? Well it is slowly becoming that vision!

Our reading tent, and a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree!!!
We added the tent first. My lovely husband built it for us :) super grateful. The kids lived in it the first day. With books. Turning pages. Having conversations. It was the stuff kindergarten staff dreams are made of. No one had to be coerced to read a book. They went in on their own. Flipped pages. Exchanged the books for new ones.
The next day for our literacy circle in the morning we introduced the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. If you have ever read a children's book. It was probably this one. I asked the kids to look around when the story was done and see if they noticed anything from the book in our classroom. I got answers like "The alphabet!!" "Words!!" and then finally "A Coconut TREE!!!!!!!!!" I told the children we could decorate it, by making it its own set of letters.
The kids have been sitting under it reading. They have asked if we can make some coconuts for it-but so far none of them have made one.
We also have Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3-on the agenda for the week. Our literacy focus this week has been the alphabet. Each day we have been reading alphabet books in the morning , and number books in the afternoon. The kids have been counting various things around the room and today during nutrition break we overheard them singing the A,B,C's to their lunch monitors! SUCCESS!
Our discovery center is seriously blossoming. I will be back tomorrow to tell you more about the extentions on the butterfly life cycle we have happening!

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