Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Parent/Teacher Entry Conferences....

Well. A picture of me on my first day of kindergarten!

Everyone needs a picture on the first day of school right? ;)

We didn't have regular classes today in the Kindergarten room, as we have 2 days of Parent/Teacher Entry Conferences.

Basically this means-parents of our Junior Kinders come in with their child-meet both the teacher and I and go over some "stuff". This "stuff" consists of our policies on pick up, volunteer information (for any parents who are willing and able to volunteer with our class), pick up and drop off times, allergies, and basic information about their child.

These conferences also consisted of an assessment of where these JK's are at. Concepts of Print, whether speech should be addressed, and printing of their names.

The conference also allows us a quick peek into family dynamic, and their personalities!

We also opted to take a picture to document how tall they were when they started kindergarten! :) We kind of really have a frog theme going in our class this year! The frog's were a hit with the JK's who came in today. This is how we documented height:

This measured their height in a non standard form. Each child walked up to the frogs-stood beside them on the right hand side and we counted together "how many frogs tall" they were. At the end of the year we can have them stand back against our frogs and see how they have grown! Most exclaimed with "I'm 7 frogs tall mom!!" Completely adorable.
We also had them sign in. This was an easy way to get them to attempt to print their own names-without them feeling pressure or feeling like they were being tested.
We made a WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN chart-where upon entering the room they were directed to "print their name" so we could see who is going to be in our class!
This gave us an idea of where they are at in terms of being able to print letters.
Every child who was in, was shown their cubby (I observed this to be one of the most exciting things for them. Each of them were excited to see they had their own cubby-with their name in it.)
We have more of these conferences tomorrow and then the real fun begins! :)
Looking forward to a fantastic year with our divas, our shy guys, our sassafrasses and our spitfires. :)

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