Saturday, 8 September 2012

Introducing Routines and Welcoming Kinders....

Hello Readers! I am a couple of days late in posting-and please excuse me. I have been seriously exhausted.

I am not sure if it's because I had gotten into my summer routine-and my tiredness is due to a change in that routine-or if it is because kinders are just really exhausting little people.

I have a feeling my body will adjust to this change and I wont be so dead tired every night.

So Thursday/Friday we met our class! Half of them came each day. Monday we will have all 23 together! The first two days were mirror images of one another. We wanted to introduce our expectations, welcome them to the room and give them a tour of the school, as well as try to make them feel comfortable being away from their parents and at a big new school!

We started the days with a book that is used frequently in the first days of school in many kinder classes around the world. The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. If you aren't a teacher but have kids of your own, and don't already own this. BUY IT! It's an adorable story-with the power to change the course of their transition into school (or daycare!).

Meet Chester:

The book sitting beside Chester is The Kissing Hand! I can't take credit for this fabulous guy! He's a raccoon puppet bought by the teacher I work with! Super, Super Idea! The children loved him! We used Chester for several things.
We introduced him, and then went on a scavenger hunt of sorts around our classroom. Chester had left little notes in each of our play centers explaining what could be done in each center and what the expectations were in those centers. Each letter directed the kids to the next center. They were excited about Chester leaving them notes.
The next help we received from our classroom helper was his leading us around the school! Our school is a big confusing area of winding halls and rooms-to me. So I can only imagine how overwhelming it might be for the kinders. Chester had left handprints (kissing hand) on important places in the school. Each hand contained a clue about where to go next. Our important places were the office, the computer lab, the gym, the library, the janitors room, the water fountain, the resource room and the vice principals office.
The children got to meet many important people in the school and get a feel for where everything was-even though this is something that will take a while for them.
Lastly-the children were told of how Chester LOVE LOVES listening to stories. We told them that anytime they wanted to-they could read or picture walk with Chester by their side. I can't wait to see this happen.
Tours and changing from inside shoes to outside shoes and back again took up the bulk of our day. I did take some pictures of the other things we did. I will post with a brief explanation.
A student working on their Chester Raccoon headband. We coloured and decorated and wore them on our tour around the school!

Exploring our sand and water sensory tables! This was a big BIG hit!
Imaginations are already being used in Kinder room 15! :) Playdough center creativity-2 snakes! :)
So much more happened that wasn't caught on camera. We made kissing hand hand prints for moms and dads with a kissing hand poem attached, we explored our outdoor play space and we all got to share our favourite thing about the first day of school.
We are in for a super year. :)

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