Monday, 3 September 2012

'Twas the night before kindergarten.....

After what has seemed like the longest half of a summer ever-it is the night before my first day of kindergarten. Kind of. :)

I hate to wish summer away-and I am more then grateful that I was able to spend hours and hours with my children and husby this August-BUT i have been counting down the days until tomorrow morning.

I am not sure if I explained this all to you before-but this career move is something that I have been working at for a long time. It started in my second year of post secondary at Fanshawe College. It was being whispered about in the ECE community that the government was thinking of instating Early Learning in Kindergarten classes-and I immediately got excited. As details emerged-the excitement grew. I graduated in 2005 and immediately got hired at a daycare-the program was not yet in schools. I worked for several years at the daycare-gaining experience. I supervised an After-School program, I worked with toddlers, infants and preschoolers, building my knowledge on early learning. I volunteered at 2 different schools in their kindergarten classes, I made connections, I worked on the casual list to get my name in the schools and to meet principals, I crossed my fingers hard and I worked harder to get an interview-and here I am! :)

I feel ready and excited to finally be doing what it is that I have dreamt of doing for the last 8 years.

I feel relief and excitement over the teacher I have been paired with. So far-we mesh well. We share many of the same opinions and thoughts on the program, and I think our strengths and weaknesses will compliment one another. I feel optimistic about our ability to allow these kinders to grow and learn through inquiry and play.

AND---I feel uber excited about this blog! Slowly-my numbers are growing. People are reading it! And it can't just be my mom-because no matter how much she loves me-she would not view my blog over 1000 times to read the same 6 posts! :) So that means-there are more of you!

I encourage and BEG you to keep coming back. I can't wait to share our class with you. I hope you take ideas from this blog-and use them in your own class-or with your own children. I also hope you share ideas with me :) I'd love to hear your thoughts on this blog. Comments excite me like nothing else :)

See you back here tomorrow with my full report on MY FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN! :)

(We are meeting some of the sweet Junior Kinders and their parents tomorrow for Parent/Teacher Kindergarten Entry Conferences.)

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