Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First Freebie! Rules and Expectations!

Alright-I apologize in advance for whatever this blog may lack today. I have a kazillion things going tonight. One of which includes cutting out over 100 feet of laminated goodies for our kindergarten program! This is what I'm working on:

Yep-that's a pile of laminated goodness. Those letters? Our playdough place mats I made! My hope is that the kids will explore them by rolling playdough out to make the letters! :)

Tomorrow we have half of our kinders in class! The other half come Friday! (Gradual Entry). We have a whole bunch of good stuff planned for them! It's really important to us that we establish rules and routines right away. While deciding what would be important to us in the class-we were discussing use of materials and toys in the room-and we began laughing and chatting about how some of the materials may be new for some of our kids! Example: Glue and scissors. We want to teach them right away the safe way to hold scissors and the proper way to use glue to minimize the waste that happens. Alarms went off in my head about a song I learned wayyyyyy back in my college days of gathering resources to make a resource binder. I am glad to say that I put that resource binder to good use-by digging it out of storage and finding my little cue cards with songs on them.

I knew I had a catchy song to teach our expectations with the glue. I typed it up. Added some pretty clip art, printed it and then laminated it, and tomorrow morning we will hang it above our art cart-and teach it to the children.

So for my faithful readers: My very first freebie! It's  the poster I made! You can laminate it and hang it above your art centre, you can introduce it in your circle, or you can just get that little jingle stuck in your head and be singing it all day long (that will get the point across too!)

My clip art cred goes to Discovery School ! and I can't say whom gets credit for the cute little songs as I think it's just one of those cute little rhymes passed down for years! :)

Hope you enjoy it!

I'd love to share my place mat freebie with you too! Comment if you are interested in the place mat and if I get a few interested people-I would be happy to make that my next freebie!

Wish me luck cutting out 100 feet of laminated goodness.

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