Friday, 14 September 2012

This is my family....


Super week in our room! :) Our routines are getting faster-the kids are starting to know what is expected of them during transitions and are doing it with less reminders.

Our classroom is coming together one piece of furniture at a time. Today our tables and chairs came into our room! We have matching tables and chairs-that are the right size for our little guys! :)

Our kids even got some computer time today in the library-something they all look forward to! Each time I tell them our library teacher is coming I am bombarded with "Is it com-pooters?????"

We did a lot of great things this week. We have begun observation recording. We painted today for the first time! We made our first big book as a class together, that will hopefully be laminated next week and added to our hands on thinking books next week. We practiced our routines, and our ability to play cooperatively in all of our centers.

We also worked on these:

In our writing folders we encouraged the children to introduce us to their families. Some children did. Some children didn't. That's okay. It gave us a chance to see what stage the children were at in their drawings.
They also did self portraits.

Two examples of self portraits being worked on by JK students. We were impressed!
We also were able to start working on concepts of print in our morning message this week.
Productive week.
Job well done.
Now I am off for the weekend. So ill see you Monday! :)

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