Sunday, 30 September 2012

Learning Through is REALLY happening!

I know I've told you before. I will tell you again. I love this program. I love that children aren't forced to sit at a 'math center' and count. I love that children aren't forced to sit at a 'writing center' and write. But yet-they still go to these centers and CHOOSE to do these things.

I love that when they think they are just sitting at a table playing with jewels-they are actually learning. Learning things that would have been "taught" to them anyways, but in our classroom they are learning when they are interested in learning. Also-they are helping teach their peers. 


I headed over to our Hands On Thinking Center (Math) to find the kids sorting the jewels. Up until this point in time-they had mostly been just looking at the jewels, admiring their beauty. Some of them would put them on a laminated ten frame we have in the center. But this particular day I walked over to find one child had sorted her bag of jewels. She had sorted them by colour, and then by shape. She had discovered a math skill all on her own-and now we could really roll with this whole sorting thing!

I also observed this:

The little boy sitting next to her had completely patterned his bag of jewels! On their own, based on their own interest and idea of what they wanted to do with the jewels, we had both patterning and sorting. A-MA-ZINGGGGGGG!

We asked these children to share with their classmates what they had created while playing-and our class has been sorting and patterning ever since. :)

During outside play at the end of the day on Friday, I took my camera out-hoping to catch something wonderful. They never disappoint!

This little guy had collected stones and patterned them in a big/little/big/little (AB) pattern. He was of course, very proud of his work! There was also a group of girls that had patterned red leaf/green leaf, and stick/stone. It's kind of magical to see them playing and learning and not even realizing it's happening! :)
Now that the class is hooked on patterning, we will be planning some patterning activities for this week. Providing them with materials to pattern with, and allowing them some time to share their amazing work with their classmates. The sharing segment works wonders. The children see what their classmates have done-we provide them with the vocabulary to go along with their work-and the desire to pattern spreads like wildfire.
Done for tonight. It`s a seriously big night in my world. I am a t.v. addict. There. I said it. I am. My favourite show season premiers tonight. Dexter. (every show I watch on t.v. is my favourite show f.y.i.) I'm off to prepare my snack, and work on our new fall sensory bin. Which I will photograph being manipulated this week.

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