Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Challenged Learning

We have a group of kids who never. ever. want to leave the blocks.

It is super that they love to build. BUT.

They had stopped building. They would come on Monday-build a super fantastic awesomely amazing transportation device of some kind or another, and then ask us to save it to work on next learning block, and they would never actually work on it. They would keep it 100% the same, drive it around and then want to save it again and again and again. SO.

The Block Challenge.

Before our center play yesterday we explained to the whole kinder class that blocks would be open and available to be used-on the condition that they were participating in the block challenge.

The only rules to the block challenge: they had to build a structure of some sort. They had to draw their structure after they were done building it. They had to write a word about their structure.

This is a structure being built.

It worked sooooooo well! The 'regulars' went right to the block center. They built, taking their time-to make it extra amazingly awesome. They went right away to get their paper and writing materials and they got to work. We had towers, we had houses and we even had a museum!! :)

The best thing about this was that we had 3 children I had never observed playing in blocks before-taking part in the block challenge!

We now have all of the block challenge writing pieces, displayed in our "Look What I Made" binder. We quickly decided that the "Look What I Made" binder would be a good way to 'save' their work that they are proud of without actually taking the materials out of the hands of other children who could be using them. So-anything they want to save now, gets a photograph taken, and they have to write a word or sentence about it and it is displayed in the binder!

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