Friday, 21 September 2012

Pete the Cat Freebie!!

So earlier on in the life of this blog-before I was truly playing to learn in kindergarten, I blogged about Pete the Cat. If you missed it. Find it here!!

I love Pete the Cat. Not only do I love Pete the Cat, but every human I've ever shared it with-has also loved Pete the Cat. I shared it with the kinders in our class a week ago, on a Friday afternoon. It's one of those books. You know the type. High energy, catchy phrasing and a CD to go along with it that makes the whole class go crazy with rock and roll dance moves. Hence why it tends to be a FRIDAY AFTERNOON activity.

The kids loved it. Obviously.

So-we did it again today. Twice.

I have zero plans tonight and my own children and sound asleep, and my husband has devoted himself to a very manly weekend of hunting ducks, so I sit here blogging.

While the kinders were dancing today, and walking along and singing Pete's song, I got an idea to make a kindergarten class edition of Pete the Cat. The remix you could say.

So tonight while  avoiding doing the laundry I designed a template that I will SHARE! FOR FREE. Because that is how I roll.

I hope to use this template this week. I think if we put the Pete the Cat CD on repeat-their creative juices would really get flowing, and this book would be amazing and fun, and a real learning activity!

I can think of like 5 more things off the top of my head that I want to do with a book they are enjoying sooooo much. But I'll save those, along with an update of how this book making goes, for another post.

 It is Friday night after all. See you next week.



  1. Thanks for your freebie today.

    I am seriously thinking that I need to buy this book. I keep seeing heaps of stuff on it.

    Thought I would follow you while I was here too. :o)

    The Paper Maid

    1. Thanks for following my blog Deborah! :) I visited yours and did the same! You have some great freebies! :)
      Pete the Cat is one of the best investments an educator can make, and a small one at that! I got my paperback for 5.99 with the CD! :)


  2. Pete the Cat was on our main visitor last year. The families were invited to take Pete on Adventures, take pictures, write a story then bring it back to share. The children loved this. Pete has been to Hawaii, made apple sauce, gone fishing, snowboarding, as well on everyone of our field trips.
    This link shows how I teamed up with our kindergarten classes for our Literacy Day event
    I just bought his newest book How Pete the Cat Saves Christmas. It's not as good as the first book or the 3rd book about his buttons.

    1. Thanks Maureen! I will absolutely be checking out your blog! I plan to buy Pete the Cat Saves Christmas! I just ordered the 3rd book and cant wait to recieve it! I look forward to reading about your Strong Start Program. We have a program here called Strong Start- I guess once I read about yours I will know if it is the same idea here. :)
      I am loving the co-planning and co-teaching of this program! And it's so fascinating to me to see that the inquiry based program really works!! :)
      Thanks again for following!