Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fall All Around!

You all know how important I think sensory experiences are right?

Check out our new sensory bin!

It's just a bunch of pasta , some small gourds and pumpkins, some corn, and some silk leaves from the dollar store! Voila!
I wrote each of the uppercase and lowercase letters on the leaves. The kids have been busy finding their name letters and our jolly phonics letters while they are playing in the sensory bin! I also threw a couple blank leaves in to see if they would notice. I was approached by one of our girls who said "This one says nothing. Can I make it say my name?" So she wrote her name on it and threw it back in! :)
The class has been busy discussing the "rough" noodles, and the "hard, smooth" noodles! It's also brought on a few conversations about who has bought pumpkins at their house and who hasn't!
Would love to hear what you guys have got going on in your sensory bins right now? Fall or not!
That's all for me tonight. I cut the heck out of a bunch of laminated goodness tonight-and have some photography stuff to work on still! :) Enjoy!

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  1. we have pom poms and different scoops and tongs, they love them.
    I'll have to do a post about them soon. I'm using a different table that has an attached lid. There are little holes in the lid that they have been stuffing the pom poms in - great game.