Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Back With Some Changes

Alright. Sorry for the delay. But I am here. With a new blog post.

It took me longer then I ever planned it to but such is life.

My life in kindergarten changed this past week-and it has taken me a few days to grab a hold of my new reality and embrace it.

Embrace it I will.

I have faith things happen for a reason-and although I don't want to ramble on with details I will say I have a new teaching partner. The one I have currently is supplying-but should I become lucky enough-perhaps she will be more permanent.

Back to square 1 on room set up-displays-center materials etc.

Here's some new stuff!

Monday-my first day with my new teaching partner, kids were WILD! Lots of change for them, a new looking room and a new face in the room. Testing. Testing. Testing.

In the midst of what was truly chaos for me at times-We observed a few of our boys acting like animals in the dramatic play area. (serious. animals.) haha More specifically, cats and dogs.

DING DING DING! They are bored of it being a kitchen. Let's change it up.

We asked them what we could put there that animals could belong in, and an animal doctor was top of the list. And so-our Animal Hospital was born.

This is the sign that 2 of our boys designed.

Prior to painting-we discussed what would be important to be on the sign. The boys both agreed that animals should be on it.

This started as a dog. The boy on the left painted the dog and I asked "What did you paint?" He said "A dog" The boy on the right said "Well that looks like a turtle" and the boy on the left responded with "I know it does."
So he changed his mind and is telling his classmates that it is a turtle.
Writing in dramatic play? YES!
Scaredy Squirrel getting some TLC.
Scaredy Squirrel getting some chest compressions! :)
I could have watched them all day long in this center. The creativity that was happening was truly awesome!
The materials that are in the center were mostly thought up by the class. We did some brainstorming and made a list of things they thought an Animal Hospital would need.
We have many more ideas in the works to build on this inquiry.
I will be back sooner next time. I have many things I've photo documented over the past couple of days and intend on sharing them soon!

                   "Change in all things is sweet"


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  1. Love how you recognized that their behaviour was really a request for change and acted on their ideas. Anyone who has input on their environment will be more involved. Hope the changes go smoothly for you and the class.