Sunday, 21 October 2012

Apples as Math!

These were our apples.

We read a few books about apples as part of our literacy and numeracy circles. Then these apples were discussed by our class.

We posed the question "What could we do with them?"

We got many answers. Eat them was at the top of their list. There were also many more great answers!

Count them.
Feel them.
Pattern with them.
Sort them.

All of these things-skills they have learned from play. Imagine that!?

It is during times like these brainstorming periods that I really silently celebrate how effective this program can be!

While the program can be controversial-there is no disputing that it's doing its job when 1 month into school many of our students in both jk and sk are able to sort, pattern, and count -even though they have not been sitting at tables filling in worksheets. Instead-they have been choosing their play centers themselves. Not being forced to sit through math bins, but being allowed the freedom to learn in dramatic play, to learn in sensory. All of these skills can be incorporated into each center-providing them with MANY opportunities to learn. We have a hands on thinking center, where math based activities are available-but the materials available in our room in other centers-allow them to practice and learn new math skills!

So we counted. We patterned. We sorted, and of course. We taste tested!

Sorted and ready for taste testing!
We also painted with the apples! Made apple prints and turned them into:
The kids also decided that they would examine our apples underneath the magnifying table! :) A new tool in our class that they love to use!
The conclusion: "Everything gets bigger in this thing!"

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