Friday, 10 August 2012

Introducing.........Mrs. Adams

Now that’s a handle to get used to. Since graduating in 2005 I`ve just been Meagan, Miss Meagan or whatever the children can muster up with their growing vocabularies. Mrs. Adams sounds kind of official.

Let me be really official by introducing myself! First name: Meagan Last name: Adams. I graduated 7 years ago from the Early Childhood Education program at Fanshawe College and immediately started working in licensed daycare. I put in my time in a toddler room-an infant room and retired from daycare working in my choice room-the preschool room. I knew my first 2 months of college that I wanted to work with school aged children. I’ve been dreaming of working within the school system since my first year of college. I was excited to hear of the government idea to implement Early Learning in kindergarten classrooms across Ontario! I quickly made it my priority to work as hard as I could to become a part of a program I strongly believe works!

I start my position in September. I will be working close to home. I am elated. I am busy trying to prepare for the school year with a classroom still under construction. I have been trying to gather programming information from many different sources and one thing I`ve discovered is that there are not too many blogs, (I am yet to find one) that focus on the All Day Learning Program in Ontario. Enter my bright idea-----start a blog! My hope for this blog is that it grows and improves as I hope to grow and improve in the classroom. I want to share programming with people who, like me, look to the internet for inspiration for this type of thing. I will share with you my successes---and my failures in programming for an ELK class. (Early Learning Kindergarten-can you please try to remember this so I can save my fingers from cramping? ;)

I also plan to share literacy with you that our class loves. ( If you don’t know much about the ELK program, I, the designated early childhood educator will be working as a partner with the kindergarten teacher to plan and implement the program. So from here on out it will be referred to as ‘our’ class. )

My goal is for other E.C.E.’s to be able to take from this blog and implement with their own group of children. I would also like to enhance my network. Meet teachers and other E.C.E.’s working in this program or working towards this program-exchange ideas and thoughts. Stay tuned as school is fast approaching........

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