Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Crazy for Organization!

Today is officially the most exciting day ever! Perhaps not officially. But we are talking SERIOUSLY EXCITING! I'm a nerd for organization. I like all things colour coded, matchy matchy and easy to follow. Working with kinders there are bound to be some-or many maybe moments of complete and utter chaos. My plan to cope with this: a super organized self. My real life is organized too! I`m always early, and if you ever stop by my house and peek at my day planner on my kitchen counter, its colour coded and detailed. Everything is organized. (Except for my grocery list). That's another story though.

A week ago I ordered myself a fancy dancy lesson planner. When I bought it-i knew it was going to be good based on price alone. But today-the most exciting day ever, the fed-ex lady delivered it ! Bless her! Upon further inspection, this planner is the Cadillac of all planners. So....I took some snapshots. So you can see her beauty in living colour.

The suspense must be killing you. This is me waiting by the door for my local fed ex delivery gal. Package in hand. I told you it was fancy dancy.
OK. this is what I opened it up to find. Smart marketing. Beautiful packaging. I didn`t even want to rip that baby open. But-I did......to find this:
Ta Da!! My Lesson Planner. Personalized. Pretty. Perfect. (That white strip of paper is covering up the school I work at and the dates 2012-2013)
Inside shot.
Now. If this inspired you to get your own. You can find them here! 
They have different covers. I`m just partial to birds this year. I can`t say enough super things about the inside of this book, so i`ll let you investigate for yourself. There is a special on them right now. (Day after I bought it-dangit!)
Alright-so I will leave you to browse the fabulous designs of Erin Condren. It could take a while. When I stumbled upon the site-I spent a good hour there. She makes other beautiful wonderful things too!
Come back tomorrow though! I have a tutorial for you!



  1. Great post Meagan! If you ever get into business organization or home organization, sign me up! I'd seriously pay you to help me get organized, lol.

    1. Thanks Melissa!
      It's something I love to do. My life feels so much better when there is something in order! :)