Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A piece of my mind. for the last couple of days I've done very little  nothing aside from think about the impending school year! I cant help it. I go grocery shopping-I see clothes I should have for my new "career" wardrobe. I previously worked in daycare-remember? Well for those of you who havent worked in daycare-comfort is beauty. I spent the vast majority of my hours on the floor, being snotted and drooled on by the under 1's. So i lived in yoga pants-i quickly developed an addiction to lululemon. So new job-enter new wardrobe :)

Im busy planning ideas for my idea bank and organizing my life. I currently dicovered Dropbox . If you are already using it-you're a technically inclined wizard (but that's just my humble opinion). If you aren't----> then you are going to want to discover. Online storage of files on your devices. ie) I type up a fantastic newsletter to the parents of our kinders and head to school leaving my hard copy sitting on the kitchen counter with my coffee. Double fail. But with online storage-not really. Every document I create on my computer gets saved into my dropbox rather then my file on the hard drive-that way i connect to dropbox from a work computer-and print there! Voila! Single Fail! I'm still without coffee-remember?

Also on my brain? Buying fantastic things. Example: my new fantastically deliciously wonderful carry-all. This bag is going to get the job done. Wanna see her?

Okay. Wipe the drool that's gotta be running down your face. I'm not selfish. I love hooking you up. so here's the link: Fantastically Deliciously Wonderful Carry-All!! It comes in many many colours and styles. Happy shopping.

So-enough gloating about my new Fantastically Deliciously Wonderful Carry-All. I'll be back on Friday to blog about some of my new literacy finds-and share with you how excited I am to share them with the kinders! :)

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